I give public speaking appearances and have appeared on podcasts discussing the following:


Polyamory - Myths and Legends


Polyamory and Emotional Abuse

  • How it differs from emotional abuse in monogamy


My Journey with Polyamory


My Journey with GenderQueerness


What I Learned from Running a Women’s History Podcast


Running A Podcast Killed My Perfectionism


Facing my Biases - how the outtakes of a podcast held a mirror to my racism


Being Your Own Loving Parent in Trauma Recovery


I Am Enough - Recovering from Perfectionsim


Shaved Head, Hairy Legs - Un-Learning Hair Removal


I Married Myself - I think it’s love!


Recovering from Irish Catholicism and Loving my Disgrace


I can also hold discussion groups and deliver courses on the above.  

I have a BsC in Occupational Therapy and an MA in Art Psychotherapy, and have vast experience delivering educational, personal development and therapeutic groups and courses.

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