Connection Unstable

Do you want a connection?
Yes I want a connection!
I want to be with you all
in creativity and heart and mind!
Well here's your connection.
It's not quite the same, it's called zoom.

Amazing! I can see all these people to connect with!
She looks so beautiful,
It's him that I remember, from that festival.
It's them that I scored with that one time,
(Is this top clean?)

Your internet is unstable.
My internet is unstable!

A constant I had.
The thing I thought I could still rely on.
Yes we have to sacrifice this,
we must cut back on that...
The people I wanted to impress
are near, yet so far!


Frozen gallery mode on my screen.
It kicks in again.
They animate.
I sign in and out of the meeting.
Close windows and click links.
This site can't be loaded.
This site can't be loaded!


I didn't know I needed this.
I didn't know I needed this so badly.
I'm alone.
A lone wolf.
Like a badge of honour,
Don't be seen to care.
Tears betray me and run down my cheek.
The ultimate deceit.