Slack lips.

I run it over my mouth.

It enhances the colour

Or makes one completely new.

It adds the shine, glitter.

Things my body can't do.


And that's enough to bring a flashback.

Every screen, rolled paper and magazine.

The stories of how women like this behave 

With their siren-red hues.


My tongue like a serpent 

Comes out to play.

I remember I saw an actress do this one day.

Place it.

On the left hand side.

On the upper lip.


Soften your eyes.

And start to slightly grin.


And that's the hook.

The shape one makes.

To not give a fuck

in a hot kind of way.


Because looking like this is power.

Currency. Exchange.

To hook you, 

Reel you in.

And then cast you away.